Coed Community

from the Kitchen Garden, 2017

Coed (what was Coed Hills) is an intentional community in South Wales, near St Hilary, in the Vale of Glamorgan.

At Coed we encourage artist creation and inspired living, through the arts and a relationship to environment. We support and cultivate each individuals’ personal unique skills, strengths and talents, and build local community and cultural regeneration.

The community at Coed manage a public education space with 2 acres of gardens, fruit trees, vegetable plots, and 30 bee hives. We run events on food growing, nature connection, forest school for children, and personal self-development work.

Many volunteers work in the space for personal learning about food growing, community living and low impact living.

We also host art exhibitions, and have a number of resident artists and craftsmen who manage workshops in the space.

Coed Organic is a stock free market garden which rents 7 acres of land from the landowners at Coed. They are a separate enterprise and not connected to Coed Gardens, which are managed by the Coed community.

Ediculture has its main base of activities from Coed Gardens, in the Vale of Glamorgan.

We manage:

  • 2 acre forest garden – perennials, herbs, fruit trees, wild life plants, and bees
  • A large kitchen garden – growing vegetables and herbs on a home scale style.
  • a 1/2 acre agroforestry plot, combining fruit trees with crop production, utilizing a 2 wheel tractor for more intensive ally cropping.

We run education days and open days throughout the year. It is also where we teach our Ediculture Course, which covers the topics of:


Herbal medicine

Organic food growing

Pruning and grafting fruit trees,


Seed saving, and much more…

We are open to the general public from Monday – Thursday all year round, but its best to check with us first before arriving as sometimes there are private events on like weddings and festivals.

These gardens have developed over the last 25 years, through many peoples efforts and visions. We are now able to produce about one third of our total communities food needs from the garden.

One of the key values of Coed Gardens for Ediculture has been giving Ediculture the capacity to trial hundreds of varieties of Fruit trees.

Click here to read our full list of fruit trees on site:

Coed Gardens is based at:

Coed Hills Rural Art Space,

where we also run weddings, events and retreats.

NOTE: whilst we want to support those seeking to escape the rat race, we are not able to accommodate new residents/members at Coed. Volunteering is currently the only way to get involved with the activities at Coed, or coming to an event.

All the volunteering is currently co-ordinated by Ediculture, – so if you’d like to volunteer give us an email on We can also give your contact onto other members of the community who work doing tasks other than gardening, eg – Woodland management, general maintenance of the space (carpentry, painting, DIY), and beautification etc, so its not all gardening that we offer!

To find out more, please see our facebook page –

And come and visit us.

Coed Hills Rural Art Space

St Hilary

Vale of Glamorgan