Currently Ediculture is offering one day workshops covering a wide range of horticultural skills, as well as whole year course trainings

 – Growing The Future Year course  (GTF course on calendar) (see here for details regarding drop in sessions) 

– Fruit Tree Pruning one day workshop – Feb 28th 2015





Here’s what past people have said about past courses –


“I’m so thankful I stumbled upon the course – very glad to have met you,  and the good/interesting group of people we had. Your enthusiasm for your path and the subject etc is a great joy to behold… it has been truly wonderful meeting you and hearing your ideas and wisdom. My mind is buzzing with ideas both new and old – and just as importantly, I have a new confidence in them/myself”.  – Karen


“Charismatic, intuitive & passionate facilitation!” – Debbie


“Thank you for creating and running such a wonderful workshop. I was very impressed by the organisation and planning and how you kept so well to the programme… The foraging for wild herbs and salad leaves has particularly encouraged me to look beyond growing all these crops and see what things I can easily collect from the wild” – Paul