Fruit Trees – Sales 2023

To make an order please send a message to Stephen on 07507578885 or email with your chosen trees and a delivery address. We will aim to get them to you within 4 days of your email/call. we will not be sending out any trees after spring equinox (23rd March).


Available for sale at between £10 and £20 per tree. (depending on size and age. Some varieties are 6f tall and 3 years old, others are 1 year whips.)

Discount for:

orders over 10 trees

Community groups

Community orchards

Allotment growers



VERY EARLY  – Season of use = July – August

George Cave x2

Irish peach x5

EARLY – season of use – August – September

Bakers Delicious x5

Discovery x1

Golden Noble x1

EARLY MID – season of use = Sep – Oct

Anglesey’s Glory’ x3

Bakers Delicious x5

Pren glas x4

Peas good nonsuch x3

Worcester Pearmain x3

MID – season of use = Oct – Nov

Cornish Aromatic x7

Gros Api x1

Peas good nonsuch x3

Red Windsor x4

Roundway magnum bonum x4

Ribston pippin x2

St Edmunds x2

Sunset x3

Yellow Ingestry x4

MID LATE Storers often harvested in Oct but season of use is Nov – Feb

Cybelle Del Rouval x1

Channel Beauty x7

Hunts duke of Gloucester x3

Reinette de coulon x4

Roundway magnum bonum x4

Spartan x2

St Cecilia x2

LATE – Storers often harvested in Oct but season of use is Dec – March

Adams Pearmain x10

Ashmeads Kernal x4

Laxstons superb x8

Merton beauty x7

Little Pax x2

Ontario x2

Winter gem x2

VERY LATE – Storers often harvested in Nov but season of use is Feb – May

Ida Red x3

French Crab x1

We can do free delivery within local area (Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff. Mimimum order 5 trees)

Welcome to pick up trees direct from Coed Hills – CF717DP – Coed Gardens

Message me for more info or to place an order.

Best wishes and happy new year !