Tree Planting Days 2024

This years tree planting season is kicking off at Coed with a range of new plantings, kindly funded by Orchard Media.

We would love you to join us for it! Last year we managed to plant over 1000 trees! We hope to make a similar number this year (Last years planting summary )

From mid-January to March 2024 Ediculture team at Coed Gardens are planting new hedges, shelter belts, more fruit trees, plus a wide range of native and non native ornamentals into the land at Coed, St Hilary, in the Vale of Glamorgan, where Ediculture has it’s base.

We welcome the wider community to join us on these days. We will provide lunch in exchange for your support.


We aim to start each planting day at 11am and plant until just before sunset about 4pm, but as with all things outdoors, exact times of planting, lunch, and general activities are subject to weather. The best way to navigate this uncertainty is to keep in contact via phone and messaging Stephen on whatsapp –

07507 578885

We can inform you closer to the date what the details will be. Bad weather days will be canceled.

Also note that each weekend will be slightly different, and so arrangements will change from weekend to weekend, including overnight accomodation spaces which must be booked asap, as its a first come first served thing.

What to bring?

  • suitable outdoor clothing
  • a spade if you have one (just incase lots of people come its worth having extra!)
  • Gloves (we have gloves, but just incase lots of people come its worth having extra!)

Dates –

20th January

We will be establishing native trees. We will be establishing them into a shelterbelt.

17th February

A focus is on the ornamental and unusual non-natives which will be planted around the main buildings and crofter field.

These plants have been chosen primarily to support the wildlife, especially the birds and the bees, with flowers and fruits at times of year when there is very little else to eat.

25th February

We will be focusing on fruit trees. We will be planting about 20 fruit trees. We will be planting them in an open orchard form, mulching, staking and protecting the trees. This new orchard space will be tended by the community over the coming years to increase our resilience and local food production.

2nd March

Un-confirmed what the exact plan is. Watch this space.


Look forward to seeing you with a tree and a spade!