This year Ediculture will be running workshops in grafting

apple, pear, plum and cherry,

plus a few other unusual things like quince and medlar.

The locations for the coming grafting workshops will be at

Feed Bristol, Bristol. Sunday 26th of March

Coed Hills rural art space, in South Wales,  1st and 2nd of April 

and Unstone Grange in Derbyshire, near Sheffield. 8th and 9th of April

Firstly Here is a link to the feed Bristol workshop 

The times of the Coed Hills and Unstone workshops is 11 am - 3 pm.
 Please bring with you secateurs if you have them. 

Here is a link to see why we graft. 

What to expect - 
at the workshop you will get one to one tuition until you can 
safely and successfully graft your own tree. Apples are the easiest,
so we will start with them.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to take your own tree home.

We have a large variety of scions which means there is 
lots of choice for the tree you wish to take home.

I will also be able to give suggestions on rootstocks to 
choose for your garden, allotment, or growing space, 
as well as suitable varieties.


In the future…
I will have lots of grafted FRUIT TREES FOR SALE- the coming winter 2017 – 2018- so get your orders in early– rare, unusual, delicious fruit trees will be available at
a tenner a tree, (£10) and I’ll do discount for bulk orders. 
Email me or phone for more details regarding any of the above.