In my attempts to map community allotment projects / growing projects across the UK, I found that the federation of city farms and community gardens have already gone quite a long way in achieving this. Click here to see their map

However I have visited many community projects that are not on the map. Here is my list of some of the ones I have explored, or am keen to explore. Many of these projects listed are what I would call examples of best practice. Nowadays there are many new projects starting up which would do well to go and visit some of these listed, as growing skills are best learnt off those who have been around for plenty of time to learn what works and what doesn’t.

If you know of a project or are involved with a project that is not listed here, and would like us to list it, then feel free to contact me at maxsalad at gmail. com and I will put your project on the list!



Lunch at Shirebrook