Seed saving workshop

seed saving workshop coed



Seeds are one of humanities greatest resources. We rely upon saving seeds for most of our food, and much of our clothes and our medicines. One seed can produce a plant that will produce many thousands of seeds, each with the potential to produce many more thousands…within this nature of plants lies the value of seeds.


This course is about annual and perennial seed saving. Learning how to save our own seeds can save you lots of money needing to buy seeds in. You also get thousands of them to give away to friends and family.


In today’s current economic climate food security is climbing up on the political agenda. Saving your own seeds is one of the ways to ensure a local food security as well as giving yourself a valuable source of seeds for many years to come.


All the seeds saved are from plants that are grown organically. We also focus on local and heritage varieties.This means that these seeds will be more suited to local climatic conditions and will be more suited to organic growing conditions; a soil treated with natural fertilisers.


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