Coed Products: Seeds, teas, trees, and tintures

This winter season 2021/22 we have a range of artisan products for your delight.

If you are late finding Christmas presents here’s some possibilities for you!
All money goes to support the development of the gardens at Coed –
We will do our last delivery on the morning of Friday the 17th, first class, which will arrive by Christmas. So be sure to put in any orders before then if you want them by Christmas! If you miss Christmas orders, not to worry! We will be delivering throughout 2022! See you then 🙂

(Pnp not included in the price. Roughly £1.50 for seeds, £3.50 for teas and tinctures, £15 for fruit trees.)

Have a good Solstice and Christmas time!

VEGETABLE/FRUIT SEEDS – £1.50 per pack

NATURALLY GROWN FRUIT TREES – £15 – £20 per tree

Also 🙂

(better for in the pocket)


(better for massage)

About calendula

TEA MIXES – These make fantastic presents!

£4 per pack (combined dried organic herbs from the gardens)


An immune system boost keeping colds/flu at bay.


 A tea to release tension, de-stress and sooth and calm your nerves


A protective tea promoting easy menstrual flow, assisting digestion and supporting the heart.


A minty, summer flower mix of vibrant aromatics to make you smile throughout the day.

TINCTURES –  – Made with pure grain organic alcohol and fresh organic herbs straight from the garden!

Borage Tincture  – 30ml

Motherwort Tincture  – 30ml

Birch polypore Tincture – 30ml

Angelica Tincture – 30ml

Myrrh Tincture – 30ml

Echinacea Tincture – 30ml

Hawthorn tincture – 30ml

For more info, call on 07507578885, or email
Also on Whatsapp.

(p.s – We also have small batches of homemade wine and cider for those of you who appreciate unpasturised (live), un-homgenised, sulphate free beverages. Contact me directly to inquire. Direct pick up prefered. )

Very Best,
Stephen and the Ediculture team

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